About Us

        FashionSierra is a home-based brand initially started by one of my close friends Jerry and me. Jerry’s an outgoing factory owner producing clothing and as a nerdy programming and managing graduated student I took charge of website operations. At its very beginning it’s was a very small business. For six months I work at home advertising, processing orders and doing customer services online, and Jerry getting products done in factories and working with logistics providers. Surprisingly, this business turned out to be quite successful since we got more and more followers and start making profits.


        After a few days of discussion, Jerry agreed with my suggestion of transferring more energy to online selling. So we established our own brand, rent a small room in a business building and hire two more buddies to help us. To this day, we still insist on affordable prices, befriending our customers and superior products, which could be the reason why this brand has survived and thrived.


        In the future, we hope we can be your sincere friend who gives fashion advice and diverse options of daily dressing. Talking about our mission, Jerry and I want every woman to feel stunning and confident in themselves, enjoy jobs and eventually lead a life of beauty and wonderfulness. Please contact us often and give your valuable feedback.



Company:Siki Eagle Sarl
Address:1,Esplanade Miriam Makeba,69100 Villeurbanne,France